‘Puts the sting back to Community’

Once a boxer asked his coach: “you teach me fighting, but you talk of peace. How do you reconcile the two? The coach replied: “ it is better to be a warrior in a garden than be a gardener in a war”.

In times such as these our young are being pulled in so many directions, this of course has an impact on our communities. Here at Sting we invest in our young people who ever they are.  We foster a desire for young people to live a healthy lifestyle. We nurture in them respect, confidence and instil a sense of their self-worth.  Our mentors and coaches help them not only to box, but also to navigate through their mental, physical and everyday challenges they face.
Here we build long lasting bonds and friendships what ever their backgrounds. With our community partners and stakeholders STING helps to integrate, mentor and invest in young people so they can apply all those life skills learnt in the boxing ring in their daily lives.

All boxing coaches all CRB certified and ABA qualified. All coaches and assistants have either fought at professional or amateur level. Many have decades long experience within the youth and teaching sector and bring those experiences to the club. STING Boxing club is open to all levels of abilities.

Sting ABC Croydon Boxing Club


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WBC Cares UK provides support and help to the UK’s culturally diverse younger generation so they may flourish in health, education and sport.

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